a proposition for Nokia

Brand: Nokia


 For me Nokia is a very interesting flagging brand that definitely is struggling to revive itself. Before smartphones came about, Nokia was the clear leader with the perfect message “Connecting people”. This message was enough, no matter what new features the phones had developed; Nokia had so many different kinds of phones that everyone was happy. Due to fierce competition, Nokia today is a brand that once was great and now seems to really be struggling for identity. The main goal would be giving the brand a new and clear identity. The product itself already exists and the consumers are open for changes, this was visible with the success of Android by Google. A lot of strategic decisions have already made, and the hardest part is already done because the reviews for the new Lumia phones are pretty good.

Now has come the time to work on the image of the brand, become present in the minds of the audience as a real alternative to iPhone and Android phones especially. The most important is to tell the “why” of Nokia and not the “what”, it’s not just about the product. It’s about what is behind the product and the brand.


Nokia has one very viable advantage in its portfolio; their previous experience as a market leader and a great brand, which used to be number one. Also Nokia has always been about diversity or better put, individuality, they had a phone for every taste, for simple to high tech, business to fashion. There were maybe too many options but it didn’t seem to hurt in the past. They used to be “connecting people” but the question is, what is their unique proposition now? Smartphones are no longer about connecting people and neither is Nokia. The new phones are all about enjoying music, making films or even short moving images with the cinemagraph function, discovering the city with their own navigation and “City HERE Lens”. Finally, they go for the business consumers as well with their integration with Microsoft etc. There is no reason for all the above functions to also be aimed at business customers though.

Finally, what we have is a product that supports your experiences, helps you create memories of these experiences and finally share them. All of this comes with a great playful design, a design that is in it’s way simple as Apple, yet offers the innovations given by Google.


To give Nokia a clear place in the mind of the audience, a complete 360 campaign with one simple yet big idea would be best. Nokia had always shown different designs and different features, and that’s what it should focus on: diversity and individuality. In my opinion the brand should become a symbol of individualism with all its features to help the audience express themselves. It should work against the black and white idea of Apple.

Nokia had sponsored music events before; it should go back to that, join in with art, film and even sports. It can be the phone for the individualistic consumers who are not happy with having the exact same phone as the rest. This sponsorship would lead to the build up of a creative community around the brand. Its important not to make this only for young people but also incorporate the individuality of adults who might have serious jobs but still make great home videos of the family. The brand should become the aid for the people to express themselves in their work and their hobbies.

In my opinion it is crucial to start a wave of different campaign with something simple and honest like the great campaigns in the past. Avis did it with the “We try harder” piece, Volkswagen with “Lemon”. Nokia needs to publically step up with the following ideas:

“Our time has come, now we have the innovations and the design. Why should you trust us? We were great once, we can do it again.”

This would build up on the know-how and the traditions of the past. One could even play with the old slogan, and say “In the past we were connecting people, now we are shaping their experiences”.

After getting the brand back on the stage so to say, we could follow with the main campaign. This being:


Nokia should put itself as a brand with a product that helps you find out what the world has to offer with it’s music, it’s city guides, it’s create. Finally these same functions help the consumer create memories. Of course, sharing is a big part of creativity today, and here Nokia cannot miss out. This campaign should go for mass coverage because it is not just for artist or creative people, it’s for everyone who wants to experience the world, and keep a part of it. Travellers, dreamers, cooks, managers, mothers, wives, leaders.

I see billboards, television ads, a social media campaign encouraging people to share how exactly they are discovering the world. Nokia needs to go beyond just having their banners at the events; competitions should be organized for the best photos or videos from those events. A twitter board with Nokia branding could be set up for people to share their experiences right there and a live feed would be streamed all over the world on YouTube.


Love me cause I am playing on the radio.

I would like to thank my family, my publisher and all of my friends who believed in me. It was a great journey to get to where I am now but it feels good to be here.

Something along those lines would be the speech of the artist in me. If I would truly see myself as one. I would be celebrating the fact that one of my photos is going to be published in the ART TAKES TIMES SQUARE book. But that’s not exactly how things work. That’s just not how it feels.

The editor of this wonderful little magazine of ours asked me if I wanted to write an article about what it’s like pursuing an artistic hobby/career from my point of you. So here it is. I need to point out that at the moment I take photography as an intensive hobby and not as a career path. I have however been able to gather some experience in the last two years.

I often thought about the reason for people to pursue any kind of art. One of the emotional factors is simply the need to have something to do in your life. Not just anything but a beautiful something. Pursuing an art gives your life more meaning in a way, a direction, a way to spend time when you are on your own.

Recently I read about a scientific view of artists, or at least performers. It seems that creative people, especially the ones that need the spotlight, could lack happiness hormones. They have a stronger need for appreciation from others in order to feel happy and fulfilled. In search of this happiness, these people chose a profession where they can receive attention from others.

So what’s in it for me? I have this theory and it has to do with a girl. Like it always does. Around three years ago, she left me for a photographer. Maybe subconsciously I chose this in order to be better than him in what he does. It is just an idea but knowing my neurotic self, it could be true. I do hope there’s more.

I once read a description of my birth date. They said I have a passion for possession of everything that is beautiful around me. That feeling inside, the pride and warmth that you feel when you made something beautiful is worth the pain.

There’s always the good and the bad. I guess the hardest part in being a creative today is finding out how to get to a point where you are more than just a facebook/tumblr page out of millions. I have seen a few interesting photographers who made it by completing 365 projects and posting regularly on flickr. Nick Miller got the money to publish his book by promoting on tumblr and Silvia Pelissero got her fame on deviantart. There are many platforms out there and the key is consistency, that’s for sure. Creating original work is an obvious one but it is just as important to constantly show your work. Shoot, draw, write every day, and get it out to the people. Just be careful of getting lost in the promotion side. At some point you get lost in trying to push your name around the web, among the masses of art that is created today. If you created enough work to back your promotion up, it could be beneficial for you but you might just forget why you started in the first place.

I am not brave enough to choose photography or any other art as my main career choice. Maybe I am just not good enough and art is tough cookie for the competitive ones among us. That’s just one of my weaknesses, I need to stay on the safe side. That’s why I chose advertising for my career but that’s another story.

I felt lost for a while; I forgot why I put so much time and money into photography. Having stumbled upon a blog called “creative something”, I decided to write to the editor and ask for advice. Here is what he wrote;

Hi Bogdan,

Thanks for writing. For what it’s worth, your situation isn’t that rare. There are countless people doing work and pursuing passions in search of something more much as you are now.

The best thing anyone can tell you to do right now is to stick to what you enjoy, whether it’s photography or design or writing. Keep in mind that by having such a wide focus on creating you’re less likely to become known as an inspiration in any one of those areas. Instead your value will come much later, when you find an agency (or start your own) that needs someone who understands all of those different aspects.

It might not seem like it right now, but do things you love any chance you get. Create, create, create, and in due time you’ll either realize that you’re only seriously passionate about one specific area, or you’ll create something that catches the eye of an important so-and-so and find your way.

Good luck. I wish I could help more.

Tanner Christensen


This answer did help my get my thoughts together. It is often said that real art is made for oneself but fact is in order to devote oneself to something, it needs pay the bills and let you support a family. Otherwise you leave the art as a hobby.

Anyhow, being an “artist” today is harder than ever and the competition is constantly growing. In the end you need to do what feels right. It might take a lifetime, it might take some years of serving tables, but that might be just fine for you. Go for it. Just be honest with yourself, be honest with your art.