“Cutting Edge Advertising” by Jim Aitchison, what it’s all about.

1. It is no longer about a unique selling proposition, it is the unique emotional proposition that often counts. We are going to buy this type of product anyway so it just comes down to the brand. This is only natural because we are not objective beings, we are quite irrational as it is. That is why it is so important for companies to promote the “why” and not the “what”. It is the story that matters. Usually.

2. According to Neil French, former worldwide creative director at the WPP group, every ad has to have a button, something that you press in order to change the consumer’s mind.

3. “Too fast, Doesn’t blend in, People will talk.” was far from a rational campaign for Porsche and yet it worked. We like to buy expensive things, we like to buy beautiful things and we like a good joke about it. The opposite was VW’s frailty, it’s ugly but it gets you there. Being honest is often key, some are rich and spend too much, others are poor and spend less it’s about portraying it the genuine way.

4. Rationalise fun. We all read Playboy for the articles.

5. Create work that is human.

6. Think of the brand as a friend, a potential lover.

7. Consumers hate advertising, taglines and jingles.

8. Having a logo in the campaign is not a must. It is like having your signature being the most important part of your letter. That is a very sad letter.

9. Have the product in the consumers mind and not in the ad. Some products are bought of the shelf and need to be recognized, others don’t need to be seen at all.

10. Why the hell do hotel ads show the building which nobody ever looks at again? While we are at that, stop showing the same computer that looks just like all the others.

11. Keep the format of the campaign flexible, they don’t all have to look the same.

12. Surprise with format.

13. Learn who David Abbott is.

14. Fashion advertising has depth in it’s execution not the idea.